"As a chiropractor in Jonesboro for over 29 years I have been asked a lot of questions. Here are the 3 chiropractic questions I am most often asked and their answers."
~ Dr. Terry Barnett.

Exactly What Does A Chiropractor Do?

Most Americans are under the assumption that chiropractic is just for the treatment of neck and back pain but it encompasses much more. Chiropractic therapy is designed to remove interference or pressure with the nervous system, commonly known as a subluxation, which then allows the body to function at optimal performance. Chiropractic can treat many problems other than back and neck pain. Chiropractors treat headaches, arm pain, hand numbness, carpal tunnel, pain radiating into the hip or leg and muscle weakness among other issues.

How Old Do You Have To Be To See A Chiropractor?

With regards to the question of how old do you have to be to become a patient of a chiropractor? The youngest patient that I have ever treated was two hours old. It was a homebirth and the parents both being patients and recognizing the benefits of being well-adjusted gave me the honor of delivering the first spinal adjustment to their newborn child. Iíve had a lot of people ask the rationale behind performing a spinal adjustment on an infant and also is the adjustment painful? A spinal adjustment performed on infant by a trained and skilled chiropractor is not painful or traumatic and in most cases quite relaxing for the child. As for the rationale of adjusting a newborn, the child can have a subluxation as the result of the trauma of birth.

The oldest patient that I have ever treated was a young lady who was just shy of her 99th birthday. So the answer to the question of how old does a person have to be to become a chiropractic patient? Itís simple, if you have a spine you are the perfect age.

What Kinds Of People Make Up The Patients In Your Jonesboro Chiropractic Practice?

Our patient base consists of people from all walks of life, both young and old, and people from all socioeconomic backgrounds. The one thing that I have noticed that they all have in common, other than all being chiropractic patients, is they all have a strong concern for their overall health. Some have been third or four generation patients and some have been the first members of their family to ever see a chiropractor but they all take their health serious and realize that having a nervous system that operates without interference plays a key role in their overall well-being.

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